Entertainment technology you may not know

I often find it’s so instructive and interesting to look at entertainment technologies of the past to see how far we’ve come and also to look for clues in what happened as one type of tech was transformed by another.

Polaroid “instant” cameras were once the rage, until digital. There were black and white movies and silent pictures. There were tintypes, color film, the Brownie camera, and flashbulbs. We had record players with 78rpm and 45rpm records.

Here’s one you may not know about but was so fascinating as a form of entertainment: the cyclorama. Take a look at this piece about the Gettysburg cyclorama. It’s fascinating stuff. What can we learn from it?

More TVs than people!

Good news, entertainment fans.

Despite proliferating media platforms and a world of choice, more people spend more of their leisure time with TV than anything else, by far. But we don’t rest on our laurels here at CBS. The explosion of video available online–both premium and user-generated–has flooded consumers with an overwhelming amount of choice. And it’s growing every second.

And people need a guide to help navigate these options, too. Our mission is to make it easy for them to find and enjoy our content. People don’t watch technology; they watch programs. But technology has enabled them to enjoy that content on many new platforms, starting with the biggest and the best: big-screen HDTV. Half of American households have at least one HDTV! There are even more out there now after some phenomenal Black Friday sales. And there are more TVs in the average household than people.

So, as holiday time approaches, it’s time to buy gifts and gadgets and excellent new TVs. There are lots to choose from, and you will definitely need a guide to help you sort through, so check out CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide.