A tradition of hoops history

Thirty years ago this week, CBS broadcast the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game for the first time. As a freshman at the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan hit the game-winning basket for the Tar Heels’ 63-62 victory over the Georgetown Hoyas. While today we have giant flat screens, HD video, and social media to give us a vastly improved Final Four viewing experience, it’s all still about the content. No amount of technological innovation can change the fact that we all just want to see a good game.

Be sure to tune in to CBS for the Final Four on March 31 and the National Championship on April 2. And as always, stay tuned!

Truth in advertising

Here is one of my favorite vintage ads from our collection on TheCBSAttic.com. Created under the direction of the legendary CBS Creative Director Lou Dorfsman, it ran as a trade ad in 1963.

The ad married words and imagery with wit and simplicity. What makes this so special and meaningful is that the elements of the Eye’s success are as true today as they were then.

While there are many more ways to win the nation’s applause today using technology to gather and amplify attention, it all still begins with developing the best shows.

This piece serves as inspiration as we head closer to the 2012 CBS upfront presentation, the “coming out” event for our new schedule that takes place each spring. More on that soon, so stay tuned.


On a roll

cbslogo_270x140One of the most important platforms for marketing new television programs is a successful schedule with established audiences. We show previews of new programs to fans of our established ones as a means to gain awareness and get people excited.

The more successful a broadcast schedule, the fewer programming holes it has to fill when the new season comes around. And the ones that get picked benefit from strong leads-in–they get to stand on the shoulders of giants.

As we get deeper into development season–the time each year when TV networks select scripts, cast, produce, and pick new pilots that have a shot at making the fall lineup–we take stock of what existing programs are performing well enough to return for another season.

In the case of CBS, 18 prime-time shows will come back for the 2012-2013 season, reflecting the enduring strength, stability, and success of our content. The renewals include four comedies, nine dramas, three reality series, two news magazines, and encompass every night of the week. This legacy of excellence in entertainment has made CBS America’s No. 1 network time and time again.

Read more on the series renewal.

The Madness is coming

cbsmarchmadness_270x182It’s March and at CBS that means NCAA hoops! March Madness officially kicks off with “Selection Sunday,” the annual reveal of which 68 teams have been chosen to participate in the “Big Dance.”

Players, teams, and fans across America eagerly await the announcement–broadcast live on CBS–and the analysis that ensues. Why? Because come the next morning, they’ll either be practicing for their big shot at basketball greatness or filling out a bracket to take a crack at the office pool. A victory in either ensures eternal bragging rights!

Watch the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show on Sunday, March 11, from 6-7 p.m. (ET) on CBS.


Bracket Monday
Because fans love brackets almost as much as the games themselves, the Monday following Selection Sunday is “National Bracket Day,” aka “Bracket Monday.” It’s really easy to participate online at CBSSports.com and on Facebook. Of course you can always go with an old-school printable paper bracket–to each his or her own!

March Madness is one of those great TV events that galvanize the country, drawing national attention to an annual tradition of sportsmanship and showmanship. Fans from every part of America, in towns large and small, can all gather around and share in the excitement. For us, it also provides a great opportunity to expose hoops fans to new promotions about our primetime programs and other shows on CBS they might enjoy.

Broadcast schedule
Together with the NCAA and Turner Broadcasting, CBS joined forces to make every game of the tournament available nationally in its entirety, spread across four networks: CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV. This year, as always, CBS will air the Final Four and National Championship games. View the full schedule for all the games on all the networks. So get yourself ready for an exciting few weeks and, as always, stay tuned!


First screen first!

As we round out the first part of 2012 on the heels of three big television events–Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars–a lot has been said and written about the power of social media as an extension of the TV experience.

It’s easy to see why: triple and quadruple digit increases in user adoption.

According to some accounts, social media comments for the Oscar awards this year were up more than 250 percent over 2011 levels. Meanwhile, social comments about the 2012 Grammys were up an astounding 2,300 percent and those for the Super Bowl were up 580 percent. And viewership ratings were huge.

People have always talked about television at work, at school, and at home. The difference now is that thanks to an abundance of “second screen” devices and platforms, word of mouth is not just visible…it’s also accessible down the hall, down the block, and around the world.


TV marketers welcome this trend–we love anything that enhances the television experience for our viewers, especially when it encourages them to spend more time watching and talking about our shows!

The important thing to remember is that before people can have a second-screen experience in this multiscreen, multiplatform world, they have to have a first-screen experience. It’s big event TV, primetime shows, and premium news and sports programming that spark and drive all the conversation on the second screen.

TV is the core of the media solar system around which all the other platforms and conversations rotate. Without its powerful content as a daily catalyst, all other screens and platforms are floating aimlessly in space!