Marketing TV with a summer road trip

buzzlogo_120x120The new TV season is rapidly approaching. We’re hard at work making all the promos, ads, apps, stunts, and social media content designed to catch America’s eyes, whet their appetites, and get them to tune in to CBS in September.

Getting people’s attention in the summer months is particularly tough: kids are out of school and the nation is in vacation mode. It’s a time for cookouts, swimsuits, and state fairs.

So this year, we’re taking a high-tech, high-touch approach by going directly to the people and their summer events with the CBS Buzz Tour bus. This real-life mobile CBS experience is designed to give thanks to CBS’ viewers across the country for making CBS the Most Watched Network.

Don’t forget — the vast majority of television word of mouth happens face to face. So it is as important as ever to make contact and spread the word with real living breathing human beings. That’s why we’re sending out CBS reality stars Alex Boylan (“The Amazing Race”) and Burton Roberts (“Survivor: Pearl Islands”) as our ambassadors. They survived the island and a race around the world…now they are taking on America, meeting and interacting with CBS fans across the nation.


Needless to say, we are very excited to get this show on the road! The first official Buzz Tour event happens in Boston on July 4. The Buzz bus will take up residence on Boston’s well-trafficked Esplanade during CBS’s live broadcast of the “Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular” (10:00-11:00 p.m., live, ET; delayed PT). The broadcast event will be hosted by Michael Chiklis, star of the new fall drama, “Vegas.” And from Boston the Buzz Tour heads West to San Diego for Comic-Con, another place crawling with people who love television!

Through the magic of technology, viewers will be able to follow the tour online even if they can’t catch the Buzz in person. Our bus is pimped out with a fully equipped mobile studio, allowing Alex, Burton, and the rest of the Buzz Tour team to document the whole adventure 24-7 from anywhere and everywhere. A robust Web site and social presence (@CBSBuzz #cbsuzz will track its every move and GPS coordinate. The dates and locations for the Tour’s July stops have just been announced, with more to follow. So be sure to check back soon, and as always, stay tuned!

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