Live from the set of ‘Vegas’


George on the casino set of Vegas with the show’s executive producer Nick Pileggi, writer of Goodfellas and Casino.

One hour north of Los Angeles in a town called Santa Clarita is a nondescript studio location where showbiz magic is quietly being made. From the road, it looks like a series of warehouses but inside it houses the spectacular set and production facilities for the new CBS show “Vegas,” starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis.

I took a drive up there this week and was knocked out by the look, the detail, and the scope of it all. Not only does it house a set for the fictional Savoy Casino Hotel — the central setting of the new series, it also has its own mini Vegas strip, 1960s style! It’s thrilling to see all the elements come together, from the authentic ’60s wardrobe and cars to the extras and the impressive re-creation of the Golden Nugget Casino and other Vegas sites like a newsstand with authentic 1960s publications (no People magazine or USA Today!)

Below are my attempts at capturing the scene with my camera phone, but a recent Los Angeles Times story does it far better justice than I can. Suffice it to say, the “Vegas” that’s coming to CBS this fall is all this and more. We’re more exited than ever to see what happens next. So stay tuned!



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