Curtain up!

It’s here. The week we’ve all strategized and prepared for since May. When America gets to see the new CBS shows for the first time, and gets to find out what’s next on their returning favorites. It’s an exciting time for all of us in the business: the anticipation of a new season ends and the magic begins as the remotes all click on. After all the hype, the attention, and the reviews, here comes the reality: America decides what they want to watch.

What new shows and characters will people fall in love with? What will audiences respond to? We’re about to find out. For those of us in entertainment marketing, it’s a night-by-night grind-it-out battle. Every tenth of a rating point could mean millions of dollars in revenues. Every new show franchise that becomes a hit could last for years and years and become a valuable asset in our content library. The stakes are high. So is the anxiety. But hey, that’s network TV! I’m so proud of what our marketing team delivers, year after year: innovation, creativity, and smart strategy. Here we go! Only CBS!

(Credit: CBS)

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