Getting ready for Super Sunday

jacksonsquare_270x270We’re on the ground in NOLA gearing up for Super Bowl XLVII. Many of our shows, crews, and talent have been here for days. Now it’s a whole lot of buildup and anticipation for super Sunday — the biggest day of the year in television, sports, advertising, and marketing.

For many people, it’s a national celebration — a day of fun, cheering, bonding, eating, and drinking in front of the TV. For teams it’s an epic battle, the single biggest day of the year for sports. For advertisers, it’s a rare and valuable opportunity to command the attention of the entire country in one fell swoop. And for CBS it is the ultimate promotional platform — a chance to tell the nation which shows and stars are on our network. It’s also a chance to expose our audience to other parts of CBS, such as CBS Sports Network and Showtime, which some people don’t realize is part of the CBS family.

Although I am onsite for the event, in all my years at CBS I have never actually been seated inside the stadium for the game. This year will be no different. Along with my counterparts in CBS sales and operations, I’ll be hunkered down in a trailer in our production complex at the Superdome, monitoring the broadcast and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. We make sure all the commercials and promo breaks run as planned, and are ready to make changes on the fly if needed. And after all, the game is so much better on TV!

We’ve got a lot of really special promotional spots on deck this year and are so excited to debut them during game coverage. Until then, I’ll be posting updates and photos from my Twitter account @georgetv so follow my adventures at the #CBSSuperBowl, and, as always, stay tuned!

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