The new year is in gear

Welcome to 2013. We’re getting ready to welcome America to a trifecta of supersize TV events in the next 40 days:

We call these “tent pole” events because they get most of America watching CBS, bringing them under our “big tent.” The value of big event TV is more than just the audience gathered and the advertising dollars collected; it’s the hugely valuable exposure we get for marketing our shows and building awareness for millions and millions of people.

Those who may not regularly tune in to CBS get to see what they’re missing, and loyal viewers get teased with exciting previews for their favorite shows. What makes big events like these so special is that people watch them together — live — and talk about them on the couch or on social media.

And because a powerful platform requires messaging that makes a big impact, our promo creative department is always upping its game. The team is constantly inventing fun, clear, and effective new ways to get attention and drive viewership. If you’re planning to tune in to our Sunday trifecta, you’ll see what exciting stars, shows, and stories we’ll be promoting in the year to come. We’ve got a lot in store, so watch closely, and, as always, stay tuned!

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