Coming Soon to a Billboard Near You …

Today we released a first look at the key art for our new Fall comedy series. The designs will debut  on billboards, in print and online in the coming days and weeks. So keep an EYE out and as always stay tuned!  


THE CRAZY ONES design features Robin Williams playfully posing with illuminated light bulbs.



The Millers Key Art


Click here to read the full press release.

Prepping for the TV New Season

Summertime is crunch time. September is Christmas. That’s how the TV Marketing calendar works. We create the Marketing strategies, media plans and creative work  (promos, print ads,  cable, radio,  billboard art, digital) for each new show.

We have 5 — 1 new drama and 4 new comedies this Fall.  And we build a comprehensive marketing plan for each show tailored to its target audience. People don’t watch networks, they watch programs… so each program has its own brand strategy to generate awareness and attention.  We’re in the thick of that now. working closely with our programmers and researchers.  Stay tuned.

Welcome to the New Place!

Welcome to my site’s new home and new name. What used to be WATCH THIS! on has now grown into its own world here at TVMARKETINGMAN.COM. Yes, I picked up that web address — so it’s true that I AM the only tvmarketingman around … and now we are in business! What you will find here is a collection of posts about

  • the world of TV entertainment marketing,
  • television in the digital age,
  • and a lot of behind the scenes along the way.

I’ll also toss in some segments about my other passions:

  • home automation,
  • watching sports on television
  • and exploring the American migration west

It will cross with my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts. So check back soon and as always STAY TUNED!