The New Math

The times they are a changing.’ Consumers have more control over how and when they watch TV than ever before. The result is big shifts in behavior and how the business of television operates and measures itself.


A new report from CBS Research revealed that the premiere week audiences for CBS megahits NCIS and THE BIG BANG THEORY each grew over 30% to 26 million viewers once 30 days of multiplatform viewing (DVR, VOD and online streaming) was factored in. By similar measures, freshman series THE CRAZY ONES grew over 50% to 23.53 million viewers and MOM grew 72% to 13.77 million viewers.
These massive viewership lifts show why the industry needs to look at the new season differently. Multiplatform viewing means more ways for more people to discover and engage with our content over longer periods of time. For marketers, it means adapting our launch strategies and extending our promotional pushes to account for delayed viewing. Live ratings results show only part of the overall viewership picture. Yet, no matter how you tabulate it, CBS shows continue to be among the most watched shows across all platforms.

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