A BIG Premiere Week

And we’re off! The race is long and the miles of road stretch out ahead but after our first week of new programming we’re thrilled to have TV’s number one new show in THE CRAZY ONES along with new highs for returning hits NCIS and THE BIG BANG THEORY. CBS won premiere week in viewers for the fifth consecutive year – its ninth overall in the past 11 years.


Here are some of the premiere week highlights:

• TV’s #1 DRAMA: The 11th season premiere of NCIS drew more than 20 million viewers, clinching its spot as TV’s #1 drama.

TV’s #1 COMEDY: THE BIG BANG THEORY hit a new viewer record with 20.44 million viewers. It also clocked in with its best-ever Live +3-Day lift of more than 4 million viewers.

TV’s #1 NEW SHOW: THE CRAZY ONES, featuring the return of Robin Williams to network television, premiered to 15.61 million viewers. With Live +3-Day results, its audience jumped to nearly 19 million.

For the full ratings press release click here and as always stay tuned!

Time Out!

Me with Jimmy Hadder, CBS Field Manager and TV Timeout Coordinator.

Me with Jimmy Hadder, CBS Field Manager and TV Timeout Coordinator.

Did you ever wonder how the football referees know when the commercial breaks are ending and they can get back to the game?  Meet Jimmy Hadder, CBS’s number one “Red Hat.”  He’s the link between our CBS game producer and the lead official.  When we are in a commercial, Jimmy steps on to the field and relays to the ref how much time is left.  They meet before the game to coordinate the signals and the format so good communication is key.

So what’s with the term “Red Hat”?    Years ago, when this started, the CBS person on the sideline wore a red cap, so the ref could easily spot them.  After a few years, there were too many people with red hats on the sideline, so they graduated to wearing huge orange/Day-Glo mittens. They were almost like giant hand warmers … more easily spotted and very unlikely that anyone else on the side would have them.  When they crossed their arms on their chest, that signaled the break.  Now you know.

Jimmy with the ref.

Jimmy with the ref.

Communication is key.

Communication is key.




Farewell to an iconic locale

farewellcandlestickparkI used the occasion of a recent CBS football game at famed Candlestick Park in San Francisco to visit this historic stadium for the last time.  This is its farewell year. It’s being replaced by a state of the art high tech facility called Levi’s Field in Santa Clara … about 40 miles down the road in Silicon Valley. By the way, that stadium will house Super Bowl 50 on CBS in two years!

Candlestick is old and creaky yet filled with personality and history.  The baseball Giants played there for years (until 2000), and the famous “earthquake” World Series game took place in October of 1989.

It’s right on SF bay, and I recall Vin Scully’s classic description of “Baghdad by the Bay” when he called the historic Cowboys-49ers NFC Championship game (January 1982) where Joe Montana hooked up with Dwight Clark for “the Catch!”

Here are some shots I took at the Colts/49ers game.  The Colts won big time.


View of the stadium from the control room monitor.


Field view of Candlestick Park.


The antiquated press box where hundreds of broadcasts took place.

The antiquated press box where hundreds of broadcasts took place.


A true SF fan ...

A true SF fan …



Activating a Tasty Fall Launch


One of the many ways we reach consumers with the message of CBS programming is through marketing activations. These are events, stunts, and promotions that bring our shows and our brands to life and help TV viewers experience the fun and feeling of CBS first-hand.

Our Fall partnership with Yogurtland is designed to do just that. Starting Friday, select Yogurtland locations in major markets across the country will be serving up America’s favorite comedies with custom CBS-themed flavors and extensive branding for CBS’s eight Fall comedies (4 new and 4 returning). Plus on Monday September 23 there will be free yogurt for one and all!

We hope you will sample some sweets but more importantly our new Fall shows!

For full details click here and, as always, stay tuned!

Sample Flavors: